Safe and Secure Storage in Broussard, LA

Safe and Secure Storage in Broussard, LA

Locally owned and operated, GuardianStore is your safe and secure storage solution on the south side of Lafayette. Flexible storage leasing allows you to store your items for the short- or long-term. Secure entry-controlled systems offer unique entry access, and 24-hour surveillance ensures the security of our facilities and your valuables.

Our climate-controlled environment is great for storing treasures and personal items that are sensitive to temperature and/or moisture. Our companion Billeaud Boat/RV Storage on Hwy. 90 E. in Broussard offers a non-climate-controlled environment for things like outdoor equipment, motorized and water vehicles.

Services & Features

Locally Owned and Operated
Flexible Storage Leasing

Store your items for short-term or long-term:

    • Month-to-month term leasing (self-storage units)
    • Quarterly term leasing (boat/RV storage units)
Secure Entry-Controlled Systems

Unique entry access required for customers and employees

24-hour Surveillance Systems

Records activity on the property 24/7 to ensure the security of our facilities and your valuables

Well-lit surroundings

Illuminates the facilities to provide a safe environment and deter trespassing

Packing and Storage Supplies

Available for purchase at GuardianStore location

Customer Portal

Online billpay and/or autopay setup


  • 5×5
  • 10×5
  • 10×10
  • 10×15
  • 10×20
  • 10×25
  • 10×30
  • 10×40
  • 15×30
  • 15×35
  • 15×40
  • 15×50
  • 15×60
  • 15×75


  • Use same-size boxes to make stacking easier
  • Don’t put items that could be damaged by moisture in plastic bags
  • Fill each box completely and use paper or bubble wrap to fill holes
  • Don’t make your boxes to heavy to actually move


  • Packing tape & dispensers
  • Packing paper
  • Locks
  • Bubble wrap
  • Furniture & mattress covers
  • Rope
  • Shrink wrap